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Kink is Healthy… and Wholesome!

Kink is natural. Healthy. Good for you.


If someone thinks that kink is “dirty”, “perverted”, “deviant”… that sexuality is a debasement from purity… then kink would be the opposite of wholesome. “She was pure and wholesome until she was corrupted”.

Yes the definition of “wholesome” is “conducive to or indicative of good health or well-being”.

Which is exactly what kink is.

Can kink be abused, used in an addictive way, be non-consensually forced on someone as a form of assault? Sure. Anything can.

Any vacation, hobby, or fun activity should be pursued with due care for safety, and to avoid ill effects on one’s life or the lives of others.

Yet to unnecessarily deprive yourself of fun isn’t healthy either.

Most of us, those of us who aren’t sociopaths or criminals anyway, make a net positive contribution to society.

And we can better make a positive contribution to others when we take time to take care of ourselves. Including having fun.

Another definition of “wholesome” is “Conducive to or promoting social or moral well-being, especially in reflecting conventional moral values”.

And sure, there are plenty of moral codes around which say that sexuality is bad.

And by those moral values, kink wouldn’t be “wholesome”.

Yet which culture do you want to belong to?

One that is negative and shaming… or positive, afirming, and healthy?

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