Congruent Joy

Challenges of Abundance

We live in a world of abundance.

Where we have access to an enormous profusion of information. Where we can find a tremendous amount of advice on every conceivable subject. And where we have an immense array of resources we can make use of.

Yet we navigate these options with a brain that evolved to handle hunter-gatherer tribes… a world that was thousands of times less complex.

Our brains do remarkably wellmost of the time… dealing with this complexity.

Sometimes though our brains struggle.

As one example, consider the paradox of choice: while logically, having more choices is better, we can feel less happy when we have more choices because any choice we make means there’s some other choice that we’re not getting.

Having evolved in a world of scarcity, our brains by default care more about what we’re not getting… rather than what we are.

There are many examples. We, ourselves, our minds, run on top of the hardware of our brain… a brain which is astounding and amazing… and yet our brains evolved for a different world.

Here in a world of abundance, we can sometimes feel frustrated… unclear… stuck… stagnant… confused… we know we want to do something, but may not know what to do.

This site is dedicated to helping you navigate this new world.

To find joy… joy congruent with your deepest values, and with your greatest aspirations.

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