Congruent Joy


I, a tiny caterpillar climb

What lies beyond these canopy of leaves? I want to know

And so as day fades into night and day returns again I climb this tree

Each serrated edge of the bark to me like a mountain and a valley to cross

Finally I climb out on the outermost leaf of the outermost branch and look out

I see this mighty tree forming part of the canopy of my world is hanging over an abyss

Clinging like a mere shrub to the edge of a cliff

I look down below my leaf and cannot see the bottom lost in mists miles below






What now?

Do I return home and in my elder years tell my grandchildren the story of the vast void?

Te he! that's quite the funny story they say tell us another!

Well, unlike you with your ginormous galumphing body

I don’t fear falling I’m so light I can fall or be blown by the wind any distance and it doesn’t hurt at all

Though of course I couldn’t climb back up this cliff not in a million years

Are there even trees with leaves for a caterpillar to eat down there?

I can’t tell

I want to know

I let go

and fall

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